• Mike Onesko

The Last Solo is available worldwide!

The brand new, 10 song collection of guitar mastery, is now available via Jib Machine Records. (www.jibmachinerecords.com)

You can check it out on Spotify here...https://open.spotify.com/album/4EeIh4puvxLns2lS0lX0jk?si=Ld9Dra-zSgqnKExNscTNhA&dl_branch=1

You can get a hard copy, a shirt, and my other offerings from Jib Machine here...https://www.merchbucket.com/collections/mike-oneskos-guitar-army

For our European friends, you can find it here...https://justforkicks.de/shop/blues/10856/the-last-solo

Please feel free to visit the Music page for links to buy all of my music

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